HO Syndicate VTR Women's Slalom Course 2017



Softer flex VTR for more finesse female skiers

AVAILABLE IN: 65” / 66”/ 67”

  • 30% softer flex under feet to suit more finesse, elegant women skiers.
  • Elliptical Rocker : The V-TYPE R’s rocker line is built upon a progressively changing elliptical arc. A larger radius arc in the center of the ski, with smaller radii arcs in the tip and tail, result in quick, tight radius turns.
  • Matching Ski Width: The ski width of the V-TYPE R is perfectly matched to its elliptical rocker line. Where the elliptical rocker is flatter, the matching ski width is more parallel. In the tip and tail, where the elliptical rocker is more curved, the matching ski width has been increased. The result when the ski is rolled onto edge, is a new level of balance
  • Carbon Fiber Speed Skin: Advanced laminar textured ski base to reduce ski drag/increase speed, with 20% less ski weight!
  • Stability Tuning/Vibration Dampening System - strategically located tip weight with an elastomer damping pad, dampens the natural frequency of the ski’s shovel for increased stability
  • Superlite Construction: a proprietary combination of aerospace carbon fiber and Superlite Core Technology
  • Handmade in Seattle, Washington, USA
65"110 LBS - 140 LBS
66"140 LBS - 170 LBS
67"170 LBS - 200 LBS