Boys and Girls Freeride Ski From HO Sports

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Water skiers look at the world with a different set of eyes. Every lake, cove, river or puddle we see, we wonder, could we ski here? More often than not, access to the right boat, less than optimum water conditions and not having the right equipment for the job, stop us from exploring the possibility. HO Skis imagines a world where every body of water can be skied! The Freeride was created to do just that! The completely out-of-the-box design of the Freeride has rewritten the rules for water ski speeds, boats and water conditions. The water ski future is now wide open. Where will you take your skiing?


Why does only half of my Freeride have CleanEdge? Clean Edge is a revolutionary technology that reduces drag by 50% over traditional skis. Less drag equals more lift and it is the lift on the rear 50% of the Freeride's running length that allows it to be skied at wake boards speeds with low drag, low spray and low effort. From under the skiers front foot, up through the forebody of the ski, the Freeride utilizes a traditional slalom ski edge design. This traditional edge has greater drag, less lift and as a result rides deeper in the water for the stable, traditional feel skiers covet.


The Freeride comes equipped with the surf-inspired Shark Fin. A deeper overall fin depth provides unmatched hold and drive in choppy water conditions. While the cutout on the back of the fin reduces overall surface area and fin length for quick, tight turns.


If you asked Marcus Brown he would tell you something about boundary layer theory and laminar vs turbulent flow, but trust us on this fact, fish have scales and so should your ski! A textured ski base knocks all those pesky water molecules from sticking to your ski and as a result your ski doesn't have to drag them through the water with you. If you don't have to pull around these extra water molecules your ski has less drag and you don't have to expend as much energy to ski. Less Energy to Ski = More Skiing = More Fun!